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Welcome to the Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Information Center

This site was created to provide expert information and resources to bathtub and tile refinishers, their clients, and even the do-it-yourself community.  Our goal is to dispel bathtub refinishing myths, and help those who work in the refinishing industry achieve the best results possible.  For those looking to have a bathroom refinished, whether it be a residential home, or a commercial facilities like schools, hospitals, or apartments, we aim to help you make informed decisions and to answer any questions you may have.

Neil Munro, the owner of Munro Products and the inventor of the Shurbond® Bathtub & Tile Refinishing System, has been in the refinishing business for over 30 years.  There are very few people with his level of expertise, and even fewer that are willing to share their expert knowledge.  Neil has written several articles about bathtub refinishing, which are listed on this site, and will help you understand the industry, learn how to select the appropriate products, as well as a better understanding of the refinishing process itself. 

Munro Products has also produced a series of helpful bathtub refinishing videos for both professionals and the DIY community, which can be found at

So why give all this information away?  Well, just like everyone else on the internet, Munro Products is trying to improve sales of their own products and services.  They feel that their Shurbond® Refinishing System is the best in the world, and without a doubt Neil feels that by sharing his knowledge with the refinishing community and general public, you'll come to understand that Shurbond® is indeed the best bathtub and tile refinishing system available on the market today. 

Neil's goal is not only just to sell more product, but to ensure that those refinishers who use it are doing the best job possible.   Ultimately, he wants to ensure that refinishing jobs are done right, and customers are happy with the results.  When refinishers do poor quality work, and customers are unhappy, in the end that simply gives the entire bathtub refinishing industry a bad reputation, and that's not good for anyone, whether they use Shurbond® or not.  So Neil created this site to help everyone avoid the common mistakes, and simply get better results.

As always, Neil is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Even for those "Do it Yourself" types, who like to tackle their own bathtub or tile refinishing projects. Munro has developed a commercial strength bathtub refinishing kit perfect for home use. Simply click here and submit your questions, and either Neil or one of his expert staff will be happy to respond.

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