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How to Refinish a Bathtub Correctly

Each bathtub refinishing project begins with cleaning, then moves to repairing any chips, etching, bonding, and finally refinishing. With such a wide variety of bath-ware fixtures, it is extremely important to understand the preparation methods that are necessary to complete a successful refinishing job.

Common methods of preparation are:
  • Most bathtubs such as porcelain over cast iron or enamel over pressed steel fixtures will require etching.
  • Gel-coat or acrylic over fiberglass bathtubs or shower stalls will require certain kinds of sanding and a bonding promoter instead of etching as used in the porcelain substrates.
  • Porcelain bathtub, sink and tile surfaces will require the proper mixtures of etching solution that is not only strong enough to remove the existing porcelain or ceramic glaze, but safe and easy to use by commercial refinishing technicians.
ShurBond® Porcelain Frost Etching Cream M-600 is the most widely used etching material in the industry.  In some cases, an adhesive promoter called ShurBond® Seal Lok® can be used for bonding plastic type surfaces and also used as a pre-primer for acid resistant surfaces (surfaces with high concentrations made with iron-oxide). The ShurBond® Seal-Lok® bonding promoter is also used on clear or out of water tile refinishing applications.

After the fixture has been properly prepared by etching or sanding, it can then be reglazed.  Because of the many shapes and contours that have been produced throughout the years in the bath-ware industry, it often takes different techniques in the process of spraying or rolling, which also depends on the type of refinishing products being used.

Munro Products has exclusively developed a pattern of bathtub refinishing that has been in use since1972, by hundreds of successful professional refinishing companies. Munro Products offers a free “How to do Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Instructions” for those professionals who want to have flawless bathtub and tile refinishing jobs. Also available is free on-line training of bathtubs, fiberglass shower modules, counter tops, and “do it yourself” (DIY) bathtub refinishing systems at . Additionally, free hands-on training is available at the Munro Products home office in Buffalo, NY, for those looking to become professional bathtub and tile refinishers or simply seeking to enhance their skills.  Training sessions teach the proper methods of mixing products and key “how to’s” of the bath-ware refinishing business.  Finally, telephone support is always available when calling the home office for technical information.

One of the questions asked most often is about the durability factor and drying times of the ShurBond® Ultra Glas 2000® bathtub and tile refinishing finishes. ‘Munro Products has revolutionized the refinishing industry with the most cost effective, durable, flexible, color fast, and longest lasting coating in the business. The Munro product line includes a 4 hour dry system that will not affect the gloss retention or durability of top coat porcelain finishes.