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Environmentally Friendly Bathtub Refinishing

Munro Products has made every effort to reduce the environment impact of bathtub and tile refinishing products.  The ShurBond® Ultra Glas 2000® product line has joined the “green” industry by becoming the first and only “Cross-Linked” polymer bath-ware refinishing system in the industry. Under federal compliance Tub Refinishing, Inc. along with its resin suppliers, have made it possible to band together in a joint venture to bring their customers the very safest and most efficient coatings in the bathroom restoration industry.

ShurBond® Ultra Glas 2000 “Green”top coat finish is produced with 92% solid resin.  Because of this high percentage of resin, the ShurBond® system is the only coating available flexible enough in its application to allow for roll application, instead of the conventional method of spraying.  This offers significant advantages when refinishing fixtures in environmentally sensitive areas such as schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.